Russ Aldrich
Blood Cell Storage, Inc.

Casey came into our project with a fabulous attitude, great suggestions and a willingness to create material without a lot of direction. Throughout the project she has provided valuable suggestions and her work is always on time. We are continuing our relationship in 2012; a testament to her value.


Michael Templeman

Casey worked for us to redo both our services web interface and our website. She did a terrific job on both tasks—the final product for both was attractive, easy to maintain, and quickly completed. I would hire Casey in a heartbeat if we had a webdesigner position available. Casey has both a very broad knowledge of web technologies as well as an ability to quickly learn and apply that knowledge.

I believe that if you retain Casey you will be very happy with the results.


Karen Russell
My Home Furniture & Decor

I’ve worked with Casey Faber on several projects over the past 2 years. As a manager of a start up company, we were frequently working on short lead times and without all of the right internal resources in place to accomplish what we wanted. We can always count on Casey’s technical and creative skills… and patience to produce the website or advertising copy we needed on time.


Sean Hewitt
Touch Through Time

Recently my wife, who is self employed, needed to update her website. Being the in house graphics guy, I got tasked with making updates. Unfortunately for me our cart service provider had updated how their cart worked. They had made an upgrade that changed the way all the files are laid out and I spend at least a couple nightmarish months trying to figure it out with little results. Casey was able to help us get the site updated quickly to get it looking right and functioning again in a timely manner and was very accommodating to our needs. She wasn’t familiar with their file system either, but was able to figure it out really quickly. Any future updates we have, there’s no doubt we are going back to her.


Beau Obremski
Sly Studios

I have worked with Casey on several occasions. Each time I either designed a graphic, or a complete website mock up in which she implemented into a fully functional site. Every time she perfectly translates my concepts into reality. Not only that, she is an expert at trouble shooting existing sites as well and saved my butt. I trust her abilities completely.